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BaldyZX - Spectrum

It's finally here, the Spectrum version of my 1992 Amiga PD game, Baldy.

It has taken a while and many, many attempts, so I am pleased to finally release the game to the public.

Before you jump in and download it, please remember this is not meant to push Arcade Game Designer to the limits, it is not meant to do anything different and it is not meant to impress. It is simply a re-creation of the Amiga game.

Like it's counterpart, it has 20 levels in which Baldy has to collect a number of games. In the case of the Spectrum, these are tapes rather than disks of the Amiga version.

The first ten levels are identical to the Amiga version, the last ten are new levels.

The Story

Some nasty person has stolen Baldy's games, but realising they were not modern, they threw them away as they ran off.

Help Baldy recover his games through 20 action packed levels, avoid the spikes and moving projectiles.


Download BaldyZX Here

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