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Pimania examined and revies of Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Delta Charge, Perils Of Willy and Androids.
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Deep Core Raider - ZX Spectrum

The universe is huge, the planets and moons numerous and the minerals hidden therein possible unlimited.

It is little wonder then, that evolved species value these commodities highly, and that many people set off in search of riches.

Large corporations compete with small teams and individuals to locate and mine these stellar bodies.

Many have been visited before, and those discovered by the large corporations are littered with defences to protect their investment until their mining teams can reach them.

For individuals, these are high earners. All the evaluation and research has been done, and all the minerals are ust sat there waiting to be taken. That is, if they can get past the defences.

This small breed of individual, interstellar pirates, thieves, are named Deep Core Raiders.

This game (updated) has been released on real media. More details here.


Download Deep Core Raider Here

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Retro Gamer magazine gave DCR a score of 8.

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