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Episode 96

The Transform keyboard gets re-built and tested, plus the usual game reviews and chat.
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Issue 30

Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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The Spectrum Show DVDs

All DVDs are professionally duplicated with professionally printed DVD sleeves and discs, in a top quality case.

The shows are encoded to DVD standard (PAL 720 x 576 25 fps - not HD).

It must be noted that some clipping may be present on certain televisions (only a few pixels each side) due to resolution and 'safe areas' used on television broadcasts, and these shows were designed for YouTube that does not have these restrictions. Please be aware of this when ordering.

Sorry, but I can only send to UK addresses.

Series One

Double Disc Set
The two discs contain the full ten episodes of series 1 plus over 25 minutes of bonus material. (plus an Easter egg!)
£11.00 inc postage

Series Two

Triple Disc Set containing all ten episodes of series two plus over 45 minutes of bonus material.
£11.00 inc postage