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Diary Of A Speccy Fan

This series of pages will contain old diary entries from my old 1980s diaries. They cover Spectrum based events with some personal material blurred if required. Click on the images to read them.
Note 1: There will be spelling mistakes and mild swearing (probably)
Note 2: The diary is an old 1981 diary repurposed. Ignore the dates not written by hand!
Note 3: I used to call myself CabiSoft - a kind of company!!

9th October 1983
Planning a new game called Satan's Pit. (never completed)
11th December 193
Planing another game - The Firm II (never completed)
29th December 1983
Planning another game - Mansion (never complete)
5th January 1984
Planning another game - Mine (abandoned)
5th February 1984
Planning another game - Bron's Kingdom
28th February 1983
Handed Spirit Of Death to local computer shop (Dragon Byte) in the hope they will publish it.
15th June 1984
Dragon Byte do not want my game :-(
Telephoned Electric Software who did not answer the phone!!
Telephoned CRL who told me to send the game to them for evaluation.
Game posted 16th June 1984.
So starts the long CRL incident!
26th June 1984
Got reply from CRL two days ago. They sent the wrong game back with the wrong letter!! They had refused the game, named Lost Ark, by David Head, because of copyright issues.
I contacted them and sent it back as they requested.
5th July 1984
Completed Bron's Kingdom. Still no reply from CRL.
29th July 1984
Called CRL. They gave me some excuse about not having a secretary and promised a reply in the middle of the following week. (see picture)
3rd September 1984
Called CRL the day before (again!) and the office manager said I would definately get a reply next week.
13th September 1984
Still no word from CRL.
16th September 1984
Finished a new game called The Scroll.
18th September 1984
Called CRL the day before and was told there had been a delay (really??) and that they were now dealing with it.
19th September 1984
Working on a new game called Space Bounty Hunter.
22nd September 1984
Still nothing from CRL.
26th September 1984
Still nothng from CRL.
30th September 1984
Renamed Space Bounty Hunter to just Bounty.
4th October 1984
Nothing from CRL.
5th October 1984
Ram out of memory on Bounty. Had to trim some graphics out of it. Still nothing from CRL. I am thinking about sending the game to Artic Computing.
7th October 1984
I managed to complete Beach Head, and blow up the large gun :-)
15th October 1984
Finished Bounty. Found out from someone at CRL (Mr Hilderbrant) that my game is somewhere in the middle of England and they are trying to get it back. He promised some free games... will they ever turn up?
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