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Diary Of A Speccy Fan

Continued maddness...

17th October 1984
Parcel arrives from CRL. Not my game though, just a letter apologising for the delay and four free games. Glug Glug, Test Match, Terrorhawks and War Of The Worlds.
18th October 1984
Found out Sinclair are to release a new Spectrum, called the Spectrum Plus.
I wasn't impressed with the CRL games!
Started work on a new game called Cobble Rock.
28th October 1984
The previous day I purchased Dark Star, and seemed to quite like it. (see picture)
29th October 1984
Another package arrived from CRL, this time with three games. Warlocks Treasure, Magic Roundabout and The Highway Code. Preparing letter to send to Artic Computer using my girlfriends typewriter.
A letter inside the package explains that my game has apparently been lost by the bloke CRL sent it to!!
So ends the long CRL incident!
4th November 1984
Finished the letter to Artic Computing along with a nice game map. (never sent it!)
7th November 1984
Planning a massive new adventure game called The Great Adventure.
11th November 1984
I have just bought an Alphacom32 printer and was testing it out.
14th November 1984
Still working on The Great Adventure and messing about with my printer.
19th November 1984
Got a new game, Cyclone from Vortex Software, and think it's brilliant. Still do.
27th November 1984
Trying to make a computer comic strip using the printer. The results are a bit faded now, but were not very good anyway!
29th November 1984
Hoping to get Knight Lore tomorrow. I have seen the reviews and hope my computer shop has it in stock.
2nd December 1984
I did buy Knight Lore and loved it. I also bought Battlezone by Quicksilva and thought it was just like the arcade version. Tried to print out the loading screen from Knight Lore but failed!
4th December 1984
Was trying to make an animated head that could speak using the Currah Speech Unit. Spent far too long on this and never really got anywhere! It was called NIC (nearly intelligent computer). I gave up a few days later. I managed to get the head talking and blinking, and even got it to say "Hello I am NIC".
I have no idea what I was thinking!
12th December 1984
While playing Pheenix (Megadodo Software) I broke my space key on my LoPro Keyboard. I decided to try and repair it myself!
16th December 1984
Bought The Great Space Race and thought it was OK. Now lookig back it is a big pile of garbage!
17th December 1984
Decided to start Cobble Rock again with a completely new map and idea.
20th December 1984
Decided not to continue with Cobble Rock! Instead I was going to write a game about the comapny where I worked. The game would be called Tools.
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