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Diary Of A Speccy Fan

Continued maddness...

23rd December 1984
I was having trouble with my new purchase, Ghostbusters. I hade to exchange it, and still it refused to work! What happened next? See the pic.
25th December 1984
Yep, Xmas day.. nothing much happened, but I did finish Tools the day before. Having 15k left though, I was thinking about extending it. I thought about it over Xmas, and...
30th December 1984
I added another three locations to Tools..
2nd January 1985
Started a new game called Warrior Sid. It was a platform/arcade/adventure.
6th January 1985
Bought Gift From The Gods by Ocean Software and thought it was 'brill'.
8th January 1985
Re-started Cobble Rock under a new name, Dr Yes. A James Bond themed game.
17th January 1985
Graphics for Dr Yes looking good.
20th January 1985
Bought Jewels Of Babylon. Though the graphics were excellent.
Took my Video back to Laskys for repair!
23rd January 1985
Debugging Dr Yes.
27th January 1985
Dr Yes is finished.
Thinking about a new game with a horror theme. What could I call it? Vamp of course!
29th January 1985
Lost interest in Vamp. Instead I started a new adventure game called Echo Bravo. It has robots in it!
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