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Episode Guide


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
1Click Mar 1983Space Invader shootoutOracle's Cave. Timegate. Antiquity Jones.
2Click Apr 1983Rotronics WafadriveAndroid 1. Gun Law. Maritrini.
3Click May 1983Asteroids ShootoutFrenzy. Astroblaster. Future Looter
4Click Jun 1983Joystick InterfacesOrion. Thrusta. Alter Ego.
5Click Jul 1983Games Creation S/W pt1Glug Glug. Ninja Hamster. Pacman Emulator.
6Click Aug 1983Games Creation S/W pt2Millionaire. Splat. Genesis.
7Click Sep 1983Moon Patrol Shootout180. Wacky Darts. Invasion/Zombie Monsters
8Click Oct 1983Big Screen GamingMolar Maul. Zzoom. Sid Spanners.
9Click Nov 1983Galaxian ShootoutPainter. Jungle Fever. Space Disposal.
10Click Dec 1983Automata SpecialAutomata games.


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
11Click Jan 1984Currah Speech UnitETX. All Or Nothing. Retro Invaders.
12Click Feb 1984Missile Command ShootoutGlass. Power Drift. ZX Beeper 2010.
13Click Mar 1984Adventure GamesRoad Blasters. Bear Bovver. Nightmare ZX.
14Click Apr 1984Spectrum +3P47 Thunderbolt. Paratroopers. Dingo.
15Click May 1984Donky Kong ShootoutSilkworm. Pinball Power. Kings Valley.
16Click Jun 1984Emulation ThreatHeadcoach. Cyclone. Toofy in Fan Land.
17Click Jul 1984Tape to DiscCosmic Raiders. Rastan. Jetpac Advanced.
18Click Aug 1984Q*Bert ShootoutCisco Heat. Energy Warrior. Intergalactic Space Rescue.
19Click Sep 1984Tape MagazinesFred. Ghosts N Goblins. Sgt Helmet Zero.
20Click Oct 1984Imagine SpecialImagine games.


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
21Click Nov 1984Interface 2Buggy Boy. Super Chopper. Reveal. Gommy.
22Click Dec 1984Scramble ShootoutEnduro Racer. Knot In 3D. F1 Tornado. Horace / Mystic Woods.
23Click Jan 1985divIDEVixen. Volcanic Planet. Int Ninka Rabbits. Chopper Drop.
24Click N/AXmas SpecialXmas Games.
25Click Feb 1985Spectrum DemosKong Strikes Back. Dragonsbane. Star Firebirds. Cray 5.
26Click Mar 1985Speed load games.Champ Jet Ski Sim. Terrodaktyl 4D. Colossal Adventure. Dung Darak.
27Click Apr 1985ZX Microdirve3D Escape. Tempest. Aquaplane. Secotr.
28Click May 1985Defender ShootoutMrs Mopp. 3D Starstrike. Tubaruba. Amores De Brunilda.
29Click Jun 1985Speccy to PC XferAutomania. Star Runner. Beamrider. Terrolandia.
30Click Jul 1985Ultimate Play The GameLand Of mire Mare


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
31Click Aug 1985Magnum Light PhaserMetal Army. Great Space Race. Pole Position. El Stompo.
32Click Sep 1985Cheetah DefenderXecutor. Blade Alley. Ninja Master. Flyn's Adventures in Bombland
33Click Oct 1985Frogger ShootoutAstronut. Fighting Warrior. Count Duckula. Metal Man Reloaded.
34Click Nov 1985Cheetah RATQuatro Arcade. Kyd Cadet 3
35Click Dec 1985Box ArtworkBlasteroids. Race Fun. Xanthius. Altair.
36Click Jan 1986Berzerk ShootoutHunchback. F16 Fighting Falcon. Red Heat. Sector Invasion.
37Click Feb 1986Datel LightpenRoad Racer. Ultia Ratio. The Guardian. Gimmie Bright
38Click Mar 1986Windows Phone EmulatorSuper Hangon. Frank N Stein. Blue Thunder. Sea Dragon.
39Click Apr 1986RamWrite / RamPrintBuck Rogers. Dungeons. Penetrator. Sunbucket.
40Click N/AMagazine SpecialN/A


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
41Click May 1986Smart CardZaxxan. Cauldron. ZX Destroyer. Body Works.
42Click Jun 1986Battlezone ShootoutKick Boxing. Volcanic Dungeon. X=Y=Z. Mini Office.
43Click JuL 1986Sinclair VegaDynamite Dan. River Rescue. Castlevania. EasySpeak.
44Click Aug 1986Stack Light RifleMooncresta, Street Gang Football, Luna Crabs, Baldy ZX, Paintbox
45Click Sep 1986Replay Expo 2015Advantureland, Dandy, Stormfinch, GAC
46Click Oct 1986Lunar Rescue ShootoutArcadia, Scooby Do, Explorer, The Writer
47Click Nov 1986Vidi ZXWorld Class Leaderboard, Robot Riot, 4K Race, Supa Drive
48Click Dec 1986B-Side AudioPssst, Lightforce, Wunderchars, Super Toolkit
49Click Jan 1987Cheetah Sound SamplerTotal Recall, Transmuter, The Hobbit 128, OCP Art Studio
50Click N/ASpectrum 128Midnight Resistance, Daily Thompsons Olympic Challenge, Type-In Games


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
51Click Feb 1987RD Digital TracerRock N Wrestle, Sonic Boom, Haunted Hedges, SpecBall
52Click Mar 1987Brazilian clonesRenegade, Antics, Swordfight, Wanderers
53Click Apr 1987Cheetah SpecdrumGyroscope, Olli & Lisa 3, Deep Core Raider, Gold Rush
54Click May 1987Centipede shootoutRam Turbo, Nightmare Rally, SOS, 3D Tanx, Black Star
55Click Jun 1987FanzinesDominator, Super G-Man, Battle City and 3D Space Wars.
56Click Jul 1987Replay ExpoBrian Clough's Football Foruntes, Marauder, Pentacorn Quest, Star Clash
57Click Aug 1987Software ProtectionTrantor, 3D Grand Prix, The Dark, Cookie
-Click N/AChristmas SpecialChrimblast, Special Delivery, Summer Santa, Xmas magazines, Games that never made it
58Click Sep 1987Isometric GamesKnight Lore, Kung Fu Knights, Sewer Rage, Spectres
59Click Oct 87K-Mouse InterfaceGauntlet, Pitfall2, Wanted Monty Mole, Sam Mallard and 3D Tunnel
60Click N/ARabbit SoftwareRabbit games. ComCon interface. Game endings. Preview of Let's Talk About...


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
61Click Nov 87Micro CommandAquarius, Ourun, Gobbleman, Vallation, Revival 2017
62Click Dec 87Robotron shootoutDevils of the Deep, DNA Warrior, Snake Escape, Spawn of Evil.
63Click Jan 88Infocom gamesMaziacs, Time Scanner, Code Zero, Invasion Force, Play Blackpool
64Click Feb 88Alphacom 32Chase HQ, Gift From The Gods, The Black Hole, Ooze, Space Invaders emulator.
65Click Mar 88USB Floppy DriveAd Astra, Bionic Ninja, Ground Attack, Squares
66Click Apr 88ZX PrinterSalamander, Monty Is Innocent, Space Junk and Meteroids.
67Click May 88Joust shootoutGee Bee Air Rally, Deathstar Interceptor, Terrapins, Egg Head Goes to Town, Pinball Wizard
68Click Jun 88Recreated SpectrumSlap Fight, Discs of Death, Crystal Kingdom Dizzy and Brainstorm.
69Click Jul 88Interface 1bisF16, Blue Max, Spookyman, Three Octopuses.
70Click N/AC-TechEnd of series special.


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
71Click Aug 88Omni128HQSurf Champ,Subterranean Stryker, Galaxians, Horace & the Robots.
72Click Sep 88BandersnatchSports Hero, Hard Drivin, 3D Deathchase, Sword of Ianna.
73Click Oct 88Sam CoupeTrader, Time Machine, Ninja Gaiden Shaw Warriors, Bonkers.
74Click Nov 88Sweet TalkerR-Type, Kai Temple, F1 Simulator, Twinlight, Monster Muncher
75Click Dec 88DK'Tronics KeyboardThunderblade, Macadam Bumper, ROVR, Styx
76Click Jan 89Parker RomsSpace Crusade, Olympaid'86, Bobby Carrot, Star Warrior
77Click Feb 89TZX DuinoLaserwarp, Pub Games, Hard Cheese, Tea Leaf Ted
78Click Mar 89Genius MouseDoomsday Castle, Thrust, Mighty Final Fight, Phasorchase
79Click Apr 89Colour ClashWizard Willy, Xavior, Sqij 2018, 3D Painter
80Click N/AAdvertsEnd of series special


Ep View News Year Feature Reviews
81Click May 89Kempston Printer InterfaceGolden Axe, Scramble, Birds & The Bees, Robot Rumble