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Episode 96

The Transform keyboard gets re-built and tested, plus the usual game reviews and chat.
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Issue 30

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My games are now available on real media. Go and grab them now.
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Games Released On Real Media

Four of my games have been released on real media, that means you can buy them on cassette and load them into your real Speccy.

Some of the games have also been updated in many ways, so they are different from the freeware versions.


These games are available to buy direct from Cronosoft.
Go to their website.

Code Zero

Can you save the planet from a nuclear meltdown?
No change from normal version.

Space Disposal

Clean up the junk left on space planets.
No changes from normal version.

Deep Core Raider+

  • Cover art produced by Kevin McGrorty.
  • New loading screen based on the cover art.
  • Easier to navigate. Accurate lining up no longer required due to modifications of the landscape. This helps collection of items in tight places.
  • Easier to destroy mines. Using the same methods as the previous change, mines are now easier to destroy.
  • Level blocking. You now have to collect all items on each planet before you can move to the next one. No more skipping items!
  • Visit previous screens. Because you have to collect all items, I have made it possible to fly back up into previous screens. This will use fuel though!
  • Layout changes. Probably half of the screen have been modified to fit in with the above. Some slightly, others have been re-designed nearly completely.
  • New end screen.

Toofy In Fan Lan+

  • Re-written with AGD 4.6.
  • 48 locations - 8 more than the original.
  • 51 nuts - 11 more than the original.
  • New graphics for new rooms.
  • Sprite changes.
  • New enemy patterns.
  • New map layout to take into account new rooms.
  • Some rooms changed for better gameplay.
  • Made it slightly harder :-)


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