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My Games


Almost every computer I have owned, I have wrote games for, or attempted to write games for. Many of them in BASIC, and almost all of them rubbish. From the ealry days of the ZX81, through the Spectrum, a brief fling with the Commodore 64, on to the Amiga and eventually the PC, I have left a trail of software and half written games behind me.

My earliest attemps on the ZX81 are sadly all lost, but that may be a good thing really. Nearly all of my Spectrum BASIC games I salvaged along with some horrendous hand drawn cassette inlays, but deapite this, I still enjoy playing them. Some of these were seen in the two year anniversary show. Although I wrote a few C64 games (again in BASIC) none survive.

My Amiga days saw several PD games released and one commercial application. When the PC arrived, I entered the remake scene and released several remakes of old Spectrum games.

When I discovered a brilliant game cration tool a few years ago, my Spectrum game writing got back on track.

The utility in question is AGD (Arcade Games Designer) written by Jonathan Cauldwell. It runs on the Spectrum (or emulator) and allow you to build games in a fast and easy use system. It is not like the early Spectrum game creation programs like HURG or Games Designer, but much more flexible. There is some programming involved, but once picked up, it is quite easy to get a simple game up and running.

My Game History

All games have their own page with details and download options.


Baldy (1992)
Talisman (1992)
Video Ease (1992)


Lunar Crabs (2001)
Subternaean Stryker (2001)
Arcadia (2002)
Booty (2003)
Scumball (2003)
Ah Diddums (2004)
Red Pants (2005)


Kyd Cadet (2010)
Kyd Cadet II (2010)
Chopper Drop (2011)
Space Disposal (2011)
A Broken Friend (2012)
Bounty (2012)
Toofy In Fanland (2012)
Antiquity Jones (2012)
Toofy's Winter Nuts (2013)
Kyd Cadet III (2014)
BaldyZX (2015)
Deep Core Raider (2016)
Deep Core Raider+ (2016)
Toofy In Fan Land+ (2016)
Rediscovered Realms (2017)
Code Zero (2017)
B-Squared (2017)
Grumpy Santa (2017)
ROVR (2018)
Toofy's Nutty Nightmare