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Episode 71

The start of a new series and a review of the Omni128HQ.
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Issue 21

Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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Arcade Shootouts

The battle fo the Spectrum Arcade Clones...


Asteroids was released into the arcades in 1979, and made a break from the traditional raster based graphics to give the game a stunning and unique look. The new technique was vector graphics, wire-frame objects calculated and drawn in real time to give a neon like feel to the whole game.
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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong, released by Nintendo in 1981, is a very early ,and some might say one of the first (taking into account Space Panic), platform games for the arcade. It is also famous for introducing one of Nintendo’s great gaming icons Mario to the world, although he wasn't actually called that in this game, he went by the name of jump man.
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Galaxian was created and developed by Namco and distributed by Midway in 1979. The creator’s main aim was to improve on the standard Space Invaders game adding a multitude of new features including mini-music intro, multi-coloured animated sprites, swooping aliens, scrolling star field and icons to depict progress and lives.
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Moon Patrol

Released in 1982 under license by Williams, this fondly remembered game had many redeeming features and remains a firm favourite for retro fans.
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Q*Bert was released in the arcades in 1982 by Gottlieb. Unlike many of its counterparts in the arcades, this game stayed clear of invading aliens and instead gave the player a nice isometric pyramid of blocks that needed changing colour.
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Space Invaders

Space Invaders was released into the arcades in 1978 by Taito. It was an instant hit, causing coin shortages in Japan, as hordes of teenagers queued up to defend the Earth against lines of marauding aliens.
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