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Talisman Teardown


The dwarves and Orcs also have random triggers which allow them to steal things from you and take them to random areas in the game. I thought this might be fun, but it soon gets annoying!

Random events

The game has many random events that do not effect gameplay but add a little atmosphere;

“A small balding man appears from nowhere. He looks you up and down, smiles, rubs his unshaven chin then vanishes again.”

“You hear a strange noise behind you.”

“The Orc eyes you up and down, bellows some foul language and punches you in the face.”

“An angry looking Orc comes crashing down from the trees. Slowly rising, he brushes himself down and collects his sword and shield.”

“The Dwarf picks its nose.”

“The Dwarf belches loudly.”

“The Dwarf empties its nose on the floor.”

“The Dwarf winks at you.”

“The Orc scratches its groin.”

And many more..

Many of the better events happen near the pit…

“Surprised by your sudden appearance, the Orc stumbles backward… losing its footing, it plummets into the pit…”

There is also a great fight between the Orc and the Dwarf if they both arrive at the pit at the same time, and this little joke…

“The Orc glances at the Dwarf and sniffs loudly. The Dwarf denies the accusation and takes a sniff at the air. Slowly they both turn to you.”

Points of interest

At the start of the maze you can find this message on the wall;

“Welcome to Jinx’s maze. For your convenience sign posts have been erected to direct those unfamiliar with its layout. This maze was opened by Paul Jenkinson 18.7.92”

I hate mazes in games, so this one is different. There are different coloured sign posts showing you the way. Red ones point to the centre and Karina and blue ones point back out. Examine the bridge to find the message:

“PAUL WOZ ERE 7/10/92”

The Onyx Idol puzzle consists of dual usage for the Urn. To get the Idol you must swap it with the Urn to stop the Indiana Jones like trap. However, you need the Urn later on, and have to return to get it once you find the heavy rock. This is then used to replace the Urn.

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