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Talisman Teardown


Object Location Use
Short Sword Random first 20 locations Fighting
Gold Ring Nest Swap for key with old man
Silver Key Old man Open trunk in swamp
Round Rod Trunk in swamp Open passage in forest
Rope Shack cellar Climb into pit
Rusty Key Passage in forest (slug lair) Open padlock in shack
Flute Random first 10 locations Open grate in caves
Gold Rod Dwarf caves in alcove Open steel door in slug lair
Bottle Maze (slug lair) Fill with water to put out flames
Chain Maze (slug lair) 1st part of Talisman
Golden Orb Maze (in flames) Opens secret passage
Long Sword Given by Karina Fight Dwarf in pit
Onyx Idol Shrine Pay dwarf to fix the chain
Slimy Weed In pond Smear on coffin to open it
Silver Urn Inside coffin Replace idol on podium and later…
Give to Luap in return for Gold Coin
Gold Coin Luap has it Insert in slot to open passage
String & Hook Marble caves Used to get slimy weed
Bronze Coin Randomly placed at end of game by old man Pay archer
Tapestry Church Clean dull stone = diamond
Heavy Rock Path at side of church Replace urn on podium
Diamond This starts as a dull stone 2nd part of Talisman
Dull stone In gargoyles carving It is the diamond!

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