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Latest Episode

Episode 53

The Cheetah Specdrum is put through its paces with reviews of Gyroscope, Olli & Lisa 3, Deep Core Raider and Gold Rush.
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Latest Magazine

Issue Twelve

Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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Welcome to The Spectrum Show website, a site that has a long history but has maintained, wherever it has resided, all of my games plus a whole lot more.

The Spectrum show is a monthly video show on Youtube about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and this website works in conjunction with that to store all of my games, type-ins and magazines.

Latest News - The Spectrum Show Episode 53

30th July 2016
The Spectrum Show Episode 53 is now live. Special feature on the Cheetah Specdrum and the usual game reviews.

Random Features

Vega Games

All my games supplied with keymap files for use the Vega.


Four lightguns tested and compared.

3.5inch Drive on your +3

Adding a 3.5inch drive to your Spectrum plus 3.

My Lastest Game

Deep Core Raider

The universe is huge, the planets and moons numerous and the minerals hidden therein possibly unlimited.
It's your job to get there before the large corporations.
Version 1.1 now released.