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Episode 60

The trials and tribulations of Rabbit software along with all their games, plus the Comcon interface and game endings.
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Issue Fifteen

Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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My games are now available on real media. Go and grab them now.
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Welcome to The Spectrum Show website, a site that has a long history but has maintained, wherever it has resided, all of my games plus a whole lot more.

The Spectrum show is a monthly video show on Youtube about the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, and this website works in conjunction with that to store all of my games, type-ins and magazines.

The Spectrum Show Episode 60

26th March 2017 It's the end of series special. In this one I take a look at the trials and tribulations of Rabbit Software along with games, review a ComCon interface, watch some game endings and give you a sneak preview of a new feature.

Random Features

Arcade Shootouts

Which of the Spectrum clones comes out top dog?

Dear Diary..

Speccy focused pages from my 1980's diaries.

Sinclair ZX81

The iconic micro that kickstarted the UK games industry.


The storage unit set to compete with the Microdrive.

Series DVDs

Series one and two of The Spectrum Show now available to buy.

Adventure Games

The roots of adventure games explored in depth.

My Lastest Game

Rediscovered Realms

Finally, after months of work, I present to you a compilation of my 1980's BASIC text adventures, re-visioned for a modern audience, and compiled into machine code.