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Episode 73

The series continues with a look at the Sam Coupe.
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Issue 21

Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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Latest News

Episode 73 Released

26th May 2018
Episode 73 of The Spectrum Show is released. It includes a look at the brillian Sam Coupe along with the usual game reviews and chat.

Episode 72 Released

28th April 2018
Episode 72 of The Spectrum Show is released. It includes a look at the myth of Bandersnatch plus the usual reviews and chat.


20th April 2018
As part of an exclusive team, you are sent into the deserts of ancient Egypt in search of vast treasures. Although you are happy to assist the boffins and their research, for you the aim of the trip is to make money. Read more

Magazine Issue 21 - Re-Uploaded

7th April 2018
Due to an error, one of the reviews in the first release of issue 21 had the wrong text. This has now been corrected.
If you downloaded the magazine before 7th April 10am, please download the new version.

The Spectrum Show Magazine 21

6th April 2018
Issue 21 is now out. Lots of exciting goodies, game reviews and features.

The Spectrum Show Episode 71

30th March 2018
Episode 71 of The Spectrum Show is now live. The new series starts with a review of the Omni128HQ, the new Speccy laptop.

The Spectrum Show Episode 70

24th February 2018
Episode 70 of The Spectrum Show is now live. This end of series special is extra long with many features including a look at C-Tech software.

The Spectrum Show Episode 69

27th January 2018
Episode 69 of The Spectrum Show is now live, taking a look at the amazine Interface 1bis as well as the usual game reviews and chat.

The Spectrum Show Magazine 20

13th January 2018
Issue 20 of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available for download. Check out the Magazines section to grab your copy now.

The Spectrum Show Magazine 20

13th January 2018
Issue 20 of The Spectrum Show Magazinre is now available for download. Check out the Magazines section to grab your copy now.

The Spectrum Show Ep68

23rd December 2017
Episode 68 features a look at the Recreated ZX Spectrum and a chat about the Spectrum Next. There is the usual game reviews and news too.

Grumpy Santa Released

16th December 2017
Grumpy Santa - my new festive game can now be downloaded from the game page. I challenged myself to write a full game in two days, but this overran, and took three instead.
Check it out.

The Spectrum Show Episode 67

25th November 2017
New episode released featuring an arcade shootout of Joust. There are also game reviews, chat and an attempt to fix a hardware addon.
Watch on YouTube


My new game has been released. A game of fun and squareness. Watch out for the spikes, take care with the moving floors and use the switches to help you escape. Find out more.

Now on Patreon

13th November 2017
I want to give Patreon a try to see if you good people are willing to show your appreciation. I may close it if noone bothers, but let's see. All details about why etc.. can be found on the Patreon page...
Go to my Patreon page

The Spectrum Show Magazine 19

31st October 2017
Just in time for the end of October, issue 19 is now available to download and read. Packed with features and reviews, grab it now.

Episode 66 Now Live

28th October 2017
The Spectrum Show episode 66 is now live. Star of the show this time is the ZX Printer. There is also the usual games reviews, news and chat as well as a report from the recent Replay Manchester event.

Magazines Now On

17th October 2017
The Spectrum Show magazines are now available to view and download from thanks to Peter Jones of Spectrum Computing.

The Spectrum Show EP65

30th September 2017
Episode 65 of The Spectrum Show is now live. In this episode I create +3 discs using a USB floppy drive and review a bunch of games.

The Spectrum Show EP64

26th August 2017
Episode 64 released.

The Spectrum Show Magazine 18

8th August 2017
Issue 18 is a bumper issue with reports from two retro events, special features and game reviews. Get your free copy now.

The Spectrum Show EP62

24th June 2017
Episode 62 brings you a Robotron arcade clone shootout. Which will be the best Speccy version? There are also game reviews, chat and book.

Talisman Teardown

17th June 2017
My Amiga game, Talisman, gets torn down with insights into the code, puzzels and locations. This is a mamoth article well worth reading if you are interested in Amiga games. Read it here

The Spectrum Show Magazine 17

10th June 2017
Issue 17 of The Spectrum Show magazine is now available to download from the magazines page.
The next issue is under planning at the moment, so if you want to write a review or article, please get in touch.

The Spectrum Show Episode 61

27th May 2017
Yes! The new series starts today with Episode 61. Get ready for ten episodes of Spectrum fun and games.


23rd April 2017
Remember folks, there is no show this month. I am having a break but don't worry, the next series will be going live the last weekend in May. The next series has some great features too and some interesting hardware reviews.
Geoff and I have been recording some 'Lets talk about...' segments, and they are sounding excellent. The feedback from the last show that featured a sneek peek was positive, thank you.
There is enough material left over to throw together some extra audio segments that I may put for download on this site.
All of the ten episode have been outlined, with some written in full, but obviously things change as the release date grows nearer. At least we have a good solid base, so stand by for series 7.

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 16

9th April 2017
A brand new issue of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available for download. There are some excellent features in this issue along with the usual game reviews and other stuff.

Code Zero Released

31st March 2017
Code Zero, my new Spectrum game has finally been released. It's a more slow paced game than I usually do, but it invovles a bit of exploration, key finding and general walking about. Hope you enjoy it. Full 'Making Of' coming soon.

The Spectrum Show Episode 60

26th March 2017
It's the end of series special. In this one I take a look at the trials and tribulations of Rabbit Software along with games, review a ComCon interface, watch some game endings and give you a sneak preview of a new feature.

Quick Update

21st March 2017
I have been quiet for a while, but have been very busy behind the scenes. The next episode of the show is nearly ready and the next issue of the magazine is going through final proof reading. My new game, Code Zero is also very nearly ready to release, plus I have been making progress on another two games.
Lastly, I have been digging through some old magazines, and found a review of Talisman in Amiga Mart from February 1993. That is now on the Talisman game page to read.

Episode 59

26th Feb 2017
Episode 59 of The Spectrum Show is now live. The K-Mouse interface is put through its paces plus reviews of Gauntlet, Pitfall 2, Wanted Monty Mole, Sam Mallard and 3D Tunnel.

Magazine Issue 15

5th Feb 2017
Issue 15 of the Spectrum Show Magazine is ready for you to download and read. Features on the Smart Card and Spectrum nostalgia, plus the usual mix of great content and reviews.

Episode 58 and Diary Update

28th January 20017
Episode 58 of The Spectrum Show is now available plus a few more pages to my diaries have been added. The diaries take us into 1985 and more Spectrum games are bought and written.

Christmas Update

19th December 2016
It is the festive season, so for this last update of the year I bring you a Christmas Special of the show, rushed out as a thank you to all those who have watched. There are many page updates on the website including more diary entries, two new features and a new festive type-in game for type-in corner. Enjoy. See you all next year.

Rediscovered Realms Released

10th December 2016
My text adventure compilation has now been released and is a re-visioning of my old BASIC 1980's games. The compilation also includes a companion guide with details about the games and bonus material. Also check out my diary pages from 1983 and 1984.

The Spectrum Show Episode 57

26th November 2016
Software loading and protection feature, reviews of Trantor, 3D Grand Prix, The Dark and Cookie on ROM cartridge.

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 14

19th November 2016
Issue 14 is now out with lots of reviews and special features including a report from Replay Expo Manchester...

The Spectrum Show Ep 56

29th October 2016
Lots of Speccy goodness, games reviews and a report from Replay Expo Manchester...

General Update

18th October 2016
A general update and a few new uploads. Just discovered my Amiga game Baldy was included on another coverdisc that I was unaware of, The One Amiga July 93. I have found an image of the disc and the page from the magazine that covers it. These are available to view from the Baldy page.

Conversion of my old BASIC adventure games continues, and despite a bit of a set back, things are back on track and looking good. You can find current details on the My Games page.

The next episode of The Spectrum Show is also well under way with an interesting game review for you. I won't spoil it though by telling you what it is.

Don't forget, if you want to contribute to the video show or the magazine, please get in touch.

The Spectrum Show Magazine 13

1st October 2016
Issue 13 of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available. Packed with reviews and special features.

The Spectrum Show Episode 55

24th September 2016
Episode 55 of The Spectrum Show has gone live. A nice feature about old fanzines plus game reviews of Dominator, Super G-Man, Battle City and 3D Space Wars.

Latest News - Real Media Releases

20th September 2016
Two of my games have been released on real media. They have been tweaked slightly to provide expanded play and to change some graphics. They are available from Cronosoft now.
Read about the changes here.

Older News