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The Echosoft Keyboard.
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Latest News

The Spectrum Show Episode 84

27th May 2019
New episode now live. This time I get my hands on an Echo Keyboard. Plus the usual reviews and chat.

Small Site Update

18th May 2019
Just doing some tyiding up. Added a type-in game from episode 69 that I forgot about (Red Carpet). Updated episode guide to include the Extra Bits section.

The Spectrum Show Episode 83

28th April 2019 In this episode I get the Nintendo DSlite to play Speccy games!!

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 24

15th April 2019
It's been a while coming, but finally issue 24 of the magazine is available to download.

Episode 82

30th March 2019
Episode 82 of The Spectrum Show is now live. The keywords system gets an overview and there is the usual games and chat.

Update II

27th March 2019
News on the house selling front is excellent. My house has now sold and most of my stuff is in storage. My partners house is sold subject to contract.

We have found a new house and our offer has been accepted, so it's all systems go for a move hopefully around June time. I can then setup the new TSS office and finally get settled into some work.

I am continuing to put out Patreon videos on various subjects, with many more either half way complete or planned. The show itself has a light buffer in that several features have been filmed and edited along with some reivews and several chat sessions. So all they need is the news and end bits putting together.

More updates as they happen. Patreon followers will get exclusive images and video of the new office as it gets setup.

A bit of an update..

23rd February 2019
You may have seen posts on various sites or heard my comments on the Patreon videos... here's an update..

I am currently in the process of moving houses, yes plural! Myself and my partner are both selling our houses and plan to buy our new home together. At the moment my house is under offer and there is a lot of interest in hers. If all goes well this could mean multiple house moves close together.

That will obviously be chaotic and time consuming - so you may be wondering about the show. Well don't!

Things are under control (at the moment) and I plan to continue putting out shows every month. I have several features already filmed and edited, so my old room will still be 'on screen' after I have moved out. I just have to review games and record the chats with Geoff (which we are recording right now).

Patreon followers will have seen a different room for some videos, and this is a spare room at my partners house. All my Speccy stuff is boxed and in storage so when I need it, I have to go and pick bits up, film it, and then take it back. A bit of a pain, but that's life.

The excitement will be when we get the new house, and I get to set up the Speccy room :-)

That could be many months away

More soon...

The Spectrum Show Episode 81

23rd February 2019
The new series starts. Lots of games, lots of chat and look at the Kempston printer interface.

The Spectrum Show Episode 80

29th December 2018
It's the end of series special. Lots of random Speccy goodness for you all.

The Spectrum Show Episode 79

24th November 2018
This episode has a guest feature from Mat Dolphin, looking at colour clash. There is the usual game reviews and chat sections too.

Spectrum Show Magazine 23

5th November 2018
The next issue of the magazine is now available.

Spectrum Show Episode 78

29th October 2018
Episode 78 is now live. I look at the Genius Mouse, review some games and cover the usual news and top selling games.

Spectrum Show Episode 77

29th September 2018
Episode 77 is now live. I look at the TZX Duino, review some games and cover the usual news and top selling games.

Spectrum Show Episode 76

25th August 2018
Episode 76 is now live. I look at the un-released Parker roms, review some games and cover the usual news and top selling games.

Spectrum Show Episode 75

28 July 2018
Episode 75 is now live. I finally get my hands on a DK'Tronics Keyboard, review some games and cover the usual news and top selling games.

Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 22

26 July 2018
Issue 22 of The Spectrum Show Magazine has now been released. Packed full of the usual Speccy Goodness. Content required for the next issue, so get writing.

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