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Episode 95

Pimania examined and revies of Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Delta Charge, Perils Of Willy and Androids.
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Packed with great features, reviews and specials. The magazine contains material not in the video shows, and often has guest reviewers.
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Old News

General Update

17th September 2016
As there are many things concurrently going on here, I thought I might fill you in with just a few of them. I can’t tell you all of them, as there are other people involved and the timescale are a little unsure with some.

The Spectrum Show still continues with the next episode well underway along with the next issue of the magazine. That is complete but waiting for a certain… thing.. I can’t divulge at the moment.

Alongside all of this is the conversion of my old 1983/84 BASIC adventures into a more playable format. I am using the same engine used for Bounty, and converting four games in the order they were created. I hope to release them in a compilation along with a nice PDF booklet explaining the background for each one and some bonus stuff like original images.

So far this is going very well with one game complete, one game about 90% complete and one well underway. Because the framework is the same for each game, I can quickly paste in the locations, objects and puzzles. One of the game to be included will be Spirit Of Death, the game lost by CRL (read all about it in the first issue of the magazine – issue 0).

Back to work then… more updates soon..

The Spectrum Show Episode 54

27th August 2016
The Spectrum Show Episode 54 is now live. Centipede arcade shootout and reviews of the Ram Turbo interface, Nightmare Rally, SOS, 3D Tanx and Black Star.

The Spectrum Show Episode 53

30th July 2016
The Spectrum Show Episode 53 is now live. Special feature on the Cheetah Specdrum and the usual game reviews.

Issue 12 of The Spectrum Show Magazine

9th July 2016
Issue 12 of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available to download from the magazines section.

Episode 52 Released

25th June 2016
Episode 52 of The Spectrum Show released. It includes a look at the Brazilian Spectrum clones plus the usual mix of reviews and features.

DCR Reviewed in Retro Gamre mag.

20th June 2016
Deep Core Raider was reviewed in this months issue of Retro Gamer magazine. After some compliments, they gave it a score of 8. You can read the review on my DCR page.

Episode 51 Released

28th May 2016
After a month off to rest and plan the next series, we get underway with series six and Episode 51 brings the usual mix of features, reviews and news. This episode I review the RD Digital Tracer, a unique add-on for the Spectrum.

Next Series Soon

7th May 2016
Work is well underway for the next episode of The Spectrum Show. Episode 51 will feature a very cool and interesting piece of hardware, but how well will it work? There is the usual mix of news and game reviews and a few additions and changes to keep things fresh. See at the the end of the month.

Site Update

30th April 2016
Because there is no video show this month, I have taken the opertunity to update a few things on this site. I have added the Q-Bert clone shootout and added the Stack Light Rifle to the feature on lightguns.

Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 11

24th April 2016
Issue 11 of The Spectrum Show Magazine is now available to download. In this issue we take a look at Frogger clones, the Ramwrite Ramprint interface and begin a feature on computer magazines.
There is also the usual reviews, comparisons, news and more.

DCR v1.1 released

19th April 2016
After releasing the game, several people reported a few bugs that allowed you to fly through walls or get stuck in walls, and also pointed out loader problems. Thanks to all the suggestions on WOS, I can now release version 1.1.
This version fixes two wall bugs and has a new loader that keeps the loading screen during load. It also has some very tiny graphic changes that no one will probably even notice.

New Site Launched

17th April 2016
The new website has launched and most, if not all of the data has been transferred across. I am still trying to decide what to do with the blog, so it will remain static for a while. All news and updates will now be through this site.
It's been a slog to get this site built and populated with just under a months notice that my previous host (Virgin) were closing down all of their hosting services. It's here now though, so enjoy.

Series One DVDs In Stock

Series One DVD are now back in stock and ready to order. All of the episodes from series one, that's ten if your counting, plus over 25 minutes of bonus material.

DVDs Now Available

30th March 2016
Finally, after what has seemed like an age, Series Two DVDs are now available to buy.
They have been professionally mastered, with high quality inlays and fully printed discs. This was undertaken by a specialist company, so these are not hand made things!
Series Two is a triple disc set containing all ten episodes of the series, plus over 25 minutes of bonus material.
Series One is currently out of stock, but will be back in shortly. More details, images and buying options can be found on the DVD page (see top left for link).
NOTE: I can only post to UK addresses.

The Spectrum Show Episode 50

26th March 2016
It's a special anniversary episode with a real mixed bag of things for you to enjoy.
In this episode we take a look back over the last three years. I review the Spectrum 128 and two 128k games Midnight Resistance and Daily Thompson's Olympic Challenge. I revisit Type-In corner and bring you unseen games and keep watching at the end for an anniversary treat :-)

The Spectrum Show Episode 49

27th February 2016
In this episode we take a trip through the news from January 1987. I look at the Cheetah Sound Sampler. I review Total Recall, Transmuter and The Hobbit 128. The development diary ends with the completion of the game and Geoff brings us another hidden gem. I finish with some serious software.
The final version of Berzerk can be downloaded from the authors website.

The Spectrum Show Magazine Issue 10

21st February 2016
In this packed issue we look at MIA games and see how to load digital downloads into real hardware using various methods. There are game reviews and items not found in the video show. I am accepting reviews or features for the next issue, so get typing. You can download issue ten from the magazine page (see left).