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Episode 96

The Transform keyboard gets re-built and tested, plus the usual game reviews and chat.
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Issue 30

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I decided to setup a Patreon account. Why? Well, several people have asked over the years if I had one because they would like to help with the show or show their appreciation of my work.

Patreon is NOT a way for me to sell the shows, magazines or games, it is simply a means that viewers and readers can say thank you. it's a kind of tip!

The shows on YouTube do not have adverts and I make no money at all with them, that isn't the point and never was. The shows and magazines will always be free and advert free, so don't worry.

If you are not familiar with Pateon, Pop over and read up.

It allows people to assist or thank content providers and in return, they get some perks. These come in the form of, in my case, Patreon only videos, un-used footage, archive footage, behind the scenes footage etc..

I have a lot of footage that never makes the shows, so I am planning to put it out on Patreon in the form of short (less than 10 minute) videos. Examples of the kind of videos to expect are;
  • Archive and higher quality video of past Replay events.
  • Behind the scenes of the show (playing games, testing hardware, editing etc)
  • Early previews of features, reviews and new games.
  • 4k videos of various things! (events, hardware)
  • Un-used / cut material from the shows (e.g. Let's Talk segments)
  • ..and more stuff I can find
To show your appreciation, and get the above benefits, Visit my Patreon page.

Thank you