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Talisman Teardown - Game Facts

No. Locations 72
No. Location Images 56
Souce Code 152k
Lines of Code 2700
Combined Images 15mb
No. Objects 24
No. Messages 107

You begin in a cave and from here you have to solve a few simple puzzles to move on. You will eventually meet a man in a small cottage, he will help in many ways, so you will have to keep going back. He will, for example, give you a key in exchange for a ring. He will also provide water to heal you if you get into a fight.

There are many characters to fight with including Dwarfs, Orcs and huge slugs. The fighting process is very simple, you click the fight button! The calculations used for fighting are not very complex;

Strength + hit power+ random number between 1 and 15 against the same for the monster.

Obviously, some monsters have more hit points, so you will always be looking for a better sword, and some monsters hit power changes based on how far you have got in the game.

The recoil, and hit location are also random for both attack and counter attack;
Head, body, neck, back and side are area that you can hit and when you land a blow the enemy can stumble, stagger, sway, coil or get knocked back. None of these have any effect on the game. A monster can hit you in the head, chest, groin, legs or stomach and you can stagger, sway, tumble, knock or get thrown back.


There are many characters in the game, most are used to block certain areas until you have solved a puzzle.

Old Man
He lives in the little cottage and has been mentioned above. If you keep talking to him, he will start to say some strange things, for example;

“The old man start to reminisce about previous encounters with female assistants…”

“Speak louder”, shouts the old man, “I’m a little deaf”

"Stop pestering an old man and let me get on with these fascinating experiments I’m doing with a jar of oil and a dead animal.”

He will also fix the chain and diamond together to form the Talisman. After this he will hide the coin needed to get past the archer in one of five random places; The church balcony, The room in the church with the gargoyle caving, top of the marble stairs in the dwarf caves, the water hole in the forest or the path next to the church.

He will give you passage into the swamp. All you have to do is ring the bell to get him to cross.

He stands guard over a gate. To get past you will have to pay him a bronze coin. The gate leads back to your land and you must have the completed Talisman before you exit.

Princess Karina
She is found locked in the Slug’s maze. When you free her, she runs off, but meets you at the entrance. She gives you the chain (first part of the Talisman) and her sword. This will allow you to kill the dwarf guarding the passage in the pit. She also tells you to talk to the old man, who will now give you another message to help you.

Dwarf in the rock
Take the chain to him and he will repair it if you give him the Onyx Idol.

Man in rags
He appears from time to time towards the end of the game and steals the Orb or bottle from you.

Luap (yes it’s an anagram of my name!)
He will trade with you and take the Urn in exchange he gives you a Gold Coin.

This strange little chap is useless at identifying items of value, and each object you have when you talk to him will have some witty comment.

The graphic for this man is of course myself. Gurning away like some deranged idiot.

Orcs and Dwarves

These move around the game map randomly, but do appear all the time at certain points. You can run into these anywhere in the game and usually they will either block the way or steal something. The images for these were taken from a Games Workshop magazine, which prompted a copyright cease request. However, the game was out by then, so nothing became of it.
The graphics are pasted over the location image when they are present.

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